UAV Services

Example UAV autogrid flight pattern over a recently harvested cutblock Example UAV autogrid flight pattern over a recently harvested cutblock

With its fleet of advanced UAVs, camera payloads and image rendering software, SRS can provide high quality imaging and mapping products for:

Wildlife Monitoring and Assessments

  • Ungulate winter range
  • Old forest canopy structure
  • Wetland health: riparian and near-shore aquatic vegetation, shoreline condition
  • Waterfowl and shorebird inventory
  • Large stick nest monitoring (e.g., Bald Eagle)

Forest and Range Practices Monitoring

  • Post-harvest cutblock assessments: wildlife tree retention patches, riparian management areas, coarse woody debris, erosion and site degradation
  • Stream condition
    • Pool abundance, large woody debris, bank erosion, riparian vegetation, windthrow, fish passage barriers
  • Terrain condition (e.g., evidence of slope failure, mass wasting)
  • Rangeland condition (e.g., seasonal grazing levels)

Wildfire Control

  • Hot-spot detection and mapping

Land Development and Construction Projects

  • Quarries, strip and open pit mines, reservoirs
    • Photo-chronicling, 3D orthomosaics, digital surface models (DSM), aggregate volume calculations
  • Linear corridor monitoring (hydro-electric transmission lines, pipelines) – vegetation encroachment, spills

Rural residential property overview photo Rural residential property overview photo

Residential and Commercial Developments

  • Overhead and oblique property photos
  • Property boundaries
  • Viewscapes
  • Building heat loss and energy efficiency

Habitat Restoration

  • Wetland restoration (before and after photo documentation)
  • Mine site reclamation (photo-chronicling)