SRS Avimetrics

SRS Avimetrics is an independently owned natural resource and environmental consulting company. SRS works extensively with threatened and endangered wildlife species in British Columbia and western North America.

Goshawk with chick Goshawk with chick, photo by John Deal

Our work includes:

  • Species inventories, particularly various species at risk
  • Habitat assessments
  • Habitat management planning
  • Developing recommended best management practices, prescriptions, and mitigation strategies for species and habitats at multiple spatial and temporal scales
  • Habitat and ecosystem restoration
  • Training and extension, including species inventories and hazard/danger tree assessment
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle services – high-quality imaging and mapping

We have substantial expertise with most native bird species in western Canada, and in particular various cavity nesting birds, large stick nesting raptors (e.g., Northern Goshawk, Bald Eagle), Marbled Murrelet, furbearers (e.g., marten, fisher), black bear and grizzly bear, moose and bats.

SRS has Transport Canada certification for operation of small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems in British Columbia. This advanced technology can be used to efficiently acquire site-specific photographic inventories and develop mapping products for wildlife habitats, wildfire management, aquatic and terrain features, and various resource development footprint areas.

BC Forest Safety Council SAFE Certified

SRS is a BC Forest Safety Council SAFE Certified Company.